Who we are

We are in an era where luxurious designer labels are literally paraded as luxury icons. At MAGNET we believe that making desirable goods that our customers love and will enjoy for a long time is our key responsibility. We want to be proud of our products - how they look, their quality and how they are made and used. MAGNET makes it less complicated for fashion, creating each piece to last beyond a single season.

The journey of magnet is long, as nothing best comes early. It took several years to achieve what we are now. Our concept is based on two main characteristics which are also the philosophy of our brand. ” The empowerment of the skilled craftsman and deliver the best quality product to our customers.“

Thus, Magnet does not produce their goods with high tech multi-million dollar industries as they already flourish by millions of luxury brands. We are doing it in a bit traditional way when making clothes considered to be art and yes we believe to be our product as a creation of an artist. To achieve this we have started by setting our quality standards as high as to produce the best quality product and then partnered with highly skilled SME craftsman who is evaluated on magnet standards. Magnet is partnered with craftsmen who are best in their work, have a passion to create extraordinary products and are loaded with years of experience and expertise. The quality and improvement process are continuous at magnet, that is why no matter what, the final product should meet the highest standards of quality and to portray the image of magnet clothing.

Like you, each and every person as well as organizations of the world are helping the community as per their capacity and priorities to make this world a better place. In addition to our efforts to empower skilled craftsmen, magnet has pledged 5% of its total profit to help needy persons, organization or any cause related to betterment of the society.

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